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I have applied in 5 University in USA with the help of Darshan bhai (D vivid consultant), and i have got 4 admits. SOP building process is very well organized. I could call/message/meet him any time any day for doubts, form filling, suggestions. Not like other consultancy that we must take appointment! And the most important his experience (MBA from USA) helps a lot while Appling in University.

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Kashyap Patel

The best way to get the smooth experience of the tedious and long process of education visa starting from giving GRE till getting an internship in a good company in the USA. Darshan sir has great experience in this field and the most promising service in consulting for future endeavors. Thank you for such a great guidance.

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Rutviz Vyas

We couldn’t have picked a better consultant than “D Vivid Consultant” as everything was explained in simple terms and any questions/concerns were always addressed swiftly. Apart from having lots of friend in USA, I took a help from Darshan sir, He helped me unconditional thought this process. Having more than 3 center and running the show alone, I never faced any issue in communication. He did online mock interview with me more than 7/8 times to perform better in Visa Interviews. One of the best Consultant in Gujarat. I got admits in my desired field. Thanks.

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Vandan Shah

D vivid consulting have been guiding me throughout the admission process and Mr Darshan shah have been pivotal right from the very beginning.
He has been pragmatic and have guided throughout admission process. Mr darshan have been there through thick and thin. I would like to express sincerest gratitude to him.

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Chinmay Modak

Mr Darshan has vast pool of knowledge and his team helps you draft the best SOP apart from selecting the perfect colleges for you. He’s readily available at twelfth hour for any difficulties. I would recommend D vivid Consultant to all those students who are confused about which consultancy to join. Because here at D vivid Consultant, you are very much likely to get the satisfactory result.

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Romit Gandhi

The journey for US Visa with Darshan Sir is fabulous. He was there to answer any question without considering clock. He makes me admitted to the best possible university in United States as per my profile and helped me in clearing visa interview smoothly. Not only till Visa approval but Darshan Sir is supportive throughout the journey to United States. I do recommend D-Vivid for further studies aspirants.

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Yash Avlani

I joined D vivid Consultant because I was confused and unaware of the VISA process and wanted a friendship help. Darshan Shah helped me with University selection – Profile Building – SOP – LOR – Application Process filled by Darshan sir, VISA process, beginning to end (With appointment, DS-160 , required documents and more importantly VISA interview). I had series of mock interviews under the expert guidance which really helped me to boost my confidence and the result was I appeared for the interview quite confidently resulting in my visa being approved on the first go.

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Deep Chokshi

Darshan Shah’s expertise in the field of M.S from USA is unparalleled. He helped me through the entire procedure and with his constant guidance and support I’m finally able to pursue my dream of going to USA for my M.S. Mr. Darshan’s part does not end after getting an admit but instead he helps us get familiar with different aspects of pursuing an M.S. from US universities. I’d recommend D-Vivid and Darshan Shah to my peers if they wish to pursue their M.S. from USA.

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Vivek Brahmbhatt

I joined D vivid Consultant (Surat) because I heard from my seniors as well as my professor about him. Darshan sir helped me well with selection of good university. He has great positive attitude toward students. I always feel motivated by his attitude. He has support me thought my journey for USA Admission. I am flying to USA in great university because of his support and motivation. I would like to recommend the consultancy to everyone who would like to pursue a good program at a reputed university at US.

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Jay Patel

Let me take this platform to share my experience with D-Vivid Consultant. Before I approached D-vivid with idea of pursuing Master of Science, I was unaware of programs and universities that can offer me best set of courses in area of my interest. Mr. Darshan Shah provided conclusive guidance from his experience of stay in United States for the same. A big thank you to Mr. Darshan Shah for his constant support and guidance throughout the course of time from idea of pursuing master of to get admits in universities to get visa in hand.

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Kuntal Markana

Frankly, Mr Darshan Shah is one of the best consultants I have ever met whose primary focus is just to get student the right university they are focusing for higher education abroad. Unlike other consultancy firms, he manages everything, and everything is taken care by him. From my view, he is a 5-star service provider and holds better place than another consultant.

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Neel Patel

This is a good Consultancy to get along with. The consultancy helps in sorting out universities and it’s priority selection. They help us prepare for documents for visa, along with its interview preparation. The time spent would be useful for the procedures to be completed efficiently. They would spare time on individual cases despite having centres in Ahmedabad and Surat.

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Shreyash Suratwala

The counselling is great, and the guidance given really helps. They have a very professional approach and they make sure students and parents feel satisfied. Their process is very transparent, and communication is always clear. Also, their visa interview training is really helpful.

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Udit Dangarwala
University of Southern California (University of Baroda)

If you are planning to go abroad then one brand is enough Darshan Shah. He is ace of this business and never guides you wrong. I have been with him for my fall admission to my visa and after my experience I will surely recommend this guy to every aspirant people planning abroad. He is handling everything himself and that is why he has 100 percent success ratio for visa. One name, True brand, Go for it without one doubt.

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Piyush Bhuva
University of Maryland (Robotics – GECT-Anand)

Hello guys, Shah is a very hard working and meticulous person. Also, he is very kind. He guided me throughout my journey of application in Canada and for the visa as well. He has excellent knowledge about different universities and their respective programs. The most important thing is that he knows how to give proper shape to student’s profile so that it can impact very well at the university. Additionally, he also supports for getting internships abroad which is very useful. So, overall I am delighted with D Vivid consultancy.

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Mayank Padhshala
University of Maryland (Robotics – GECT-Anand)

Sometimes it is very difficult to go through the tiresome application process of admission in usa. But dvivid comes to rescue. The main reason behind choosing dvivid is because darshan bhai has studied there. He is having good experience about the whole process starting from evaluation of profile to visa. You can always discuss with him personally and he will try his best to solve your doubts. Best thing is they have good service for sop which matters a lot.

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Viraj Mehta
University of Maryland (Robotics – GECT-Anand)

I was one of the first few people to joined D-Vivid Consultancy. I applied for 6 Universities, and it was a nightmare managing all my documents, figuring out the checklist and staying on top of application deadlines. With the help of Darshan Shah and his application, tool the process was super easy. D-Vivid has been very helpful in guiding me through the application process, mainly to get started and gathering information about different universities. University prediction was correct about the University of British Columbia.

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Archit Patel
University of British Columbia (SVNIT Surat)

Initially, I was very confused to join this consultancy because of less experience, but after talking with Darshan sir, I admired for his practical knowledge about Canada student visa process. I feel experience does not matter a lot as he has a depth of expertise. Initially, I was utterly clueless about the whole application procedure, but after joining them, I received the necessary help at every step. My doubts and grievances were addressed immediately with patients although the continual hounding.D-Vivid has been instrumental in my journey to the graduate school.

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Rudra Amin
Bangalore University(Sault College)

My rating and review for D-Vivid consultancy would merely go beyond the five stars provided by Google. Darshan sir exemplifies all the qualities that we expect from a consultant, which drives immense success for us students and the consultancy. Thus ensuring that the customer satisfaction and success rate remain thorough.
Experience-based consulting along with inquisitive one-to-one interactions made it all the worthwhile for me to pursue my Master’s degree in the United States.

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Meet Shah
University of Alberta(Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institute of Technology)

I am very heartfelt thanks to Darshan Sir. Overall, Journey with D Vivid Consultant from starting to the ending was delightful. But I would like to especially thanks to Darshan Sir for providing such truthful guidance and helping me in every step for my visa application. He gave me a quick response when I called or email to his. Finally, I am satisfied with the service of D Vivid Consultant( Surat), and I greatly appreciate the team who looked after my file and helped me to reach my goal.

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Abhishek Kanani
Uka Tarsadia University (Conestoga College)

I visited lots of consultancies before I decided to go for D-vivid consultancy. Darshansir knows in and out of the admission and visa process. This lengthy process of admission and visa process can be cumbersome, but with D-vivid, it was not for me. Also, he focuses on each student as individuals. He will guide you from your university selection to the last visa interview. Satisfied with the provided services.

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Yash Patel
Niagara CollegeUniversity of Alberta(L. J. Institute of Engineering and Technology)

Let me take this opportunity to highlight the effect of the most simple yet very enriching career discussion I have had with you. You understood that my problem was not only related to career Guidance but also encompassed several other factors and suggested plan helped me take time-bound steps towards my future education. Your understanding of the student’s issue was deep and that helped me explain to you all the probable hiccups without any hesitations. Thank You.

Vansh Shah

“How jainam found his desired stream to pursue his future” After meeting with Darshan Shah, I got my all doubt cleared for future education. He gave me time to explain my situation and came with really good conclusions. He also suggested me new upcoming technology which helps me succeed in future. Thanks for the career guide.

Jainam Shah

“How Hasti Overcame her Inhibitions and Biases to Choose the Stream Best Aligned to her Career Goals” Problem Hasti was keen on taking up humanities in class 11th but everyone advised her not to. She was unsure about what subjects were good for her and the career options they opened. Solution D Vivid Consultant helped her select the right stream and subject combinations suited to her strengths and abilities. To address her concerns about humanities, we equipped her with the right information and facts about different stream options.


Took the skill index psychometric test and career counseling session.
Thoroughly satisfied with the result and career choice. I just wanna thanks The D Vivid Consultant. I want to give them a Tag line: Future Saver 🙂

Dhruvi Rajesh Shah

I recently completed by 10th Standard. I was very confused about what should I have to do in my future especially in 11th and 12th Science. I need proper guidance for my future education journey. I got to know about D Vivid Consultant and I am very thankful to Darshan Sir, when I contacted career guide it’s like a turning point of my life, they help me in all my ups and downs, when there is no one for me to guide they came and directed me to the right path. They are always available to me. And I am very grateful for that. Highly recommended guys.

Mrugaya Amit Shah
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