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Choosing the Right Career Path is Confusing and Exhausting!

Career choices are tough, and to plan the way to accomplish the choice is tougher. Today, we are exposed to numerous career choices worldwide which makes it more difficult to pick THE ONE! And when there is ‘International Education’ in the picture, there is a whole new set of questions that you must be asking yourself daily:

  • Will studying abroad be worth it?
  • Where do I study? Which is the best institute?
  • How will I apply?
  • Am I eligible for this? What are the certifications that will be required?
  • How will I convince my parents?
  • What are all the documents required for the application?
  • Will this course provide me with long term returns and a fulfilling career?

And the list seems to be endless...
Your answer to all of these questions is just one - D-Vivid Consultant: The best Career Counselor in Ahmedabad.


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What Is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is the process of enabling a person to understand his self- worth, areas of interest, potential, skills and capabilities and personal qualities, so that he/she can make the optimum decisions about his career.

Discover Your Ideal Career with D-Vivid Consultant

Every student at D-Vivid Career Consultant is considered unique with its own interests and capabilities. Our career counseling platform conducts a thorough evaluation based on these parameters to help you strategize the best career plan.

Some of our key services that make us the Best Career Counsellor in Ahmedabad are as follows:


Publishing International Papers

We assist students with a research inclination to publish their work to a global audience in internationally acclaimed journals and other publications.


Suggesting Relevant Certifications

We suggest relevant certification courses based on the student’s profile, that enhances the profile of the candidate.


Catalyzing Industrial/Research Internships

At D-Vivid Career Consultant, we also guide students to acquire a suitable internship opportunity abroad, (both industrial and research) with premier institutes including the IIT’s.


Pre-Planned Special Guidance Programs

To avoid the last moment rush we strongly recommend our special career counselling programs for final and pre-final year students to ensure better preparation for your international career.


Comprehensive Parent Counseling

In most cases, parents are found to be more anxious’ than the students because of the obvious concern. Hence, we at D-Vivid Consultant offer special counselling sessions for parents’ and answer all their questions with patience until their complete satisfaction.

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